I'm Looking For The Next Small Business That Wants Us To Transform Their Marketing And Help Them Get New Customers
How It Works
1.  Complete the application form to apply.

2.  If I choose your company, me and my team will create and implement an online marketing strategy specifically for your business. 

3. We will manage your marketing campaign for 2 months for FREE (**Please note: you must be able to pay for the cost of advertising. Minimum of $1,500 per month.  Example: Google ads, social media ads, etc.  )

4. Your business and the results of our marketing efforts will be featured on my online show, "Fix My Marketing". 

5. At the end of 2 months, you'll make the decision whether you would like to become a paying customer of ours. 
Who Is Jonathan Passley?
Jonathan Passley, an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker, founded PDR Web Solutions in 2008 at the young age of 22. 

He found success while fighting through the recession, arthritis and cancer. Through PDR, which stands for “Passion, Determination, and Resilience,” Jonathan focuses on helping businesses grow through digital marketing, consulting on the latest marketing strategies, and helping achieve his clients lead and sales goals.

PDR has worked with more than 300 clients internationally including John’s Hopkins, University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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